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About Us

Location of all Manilatown Events and Exhibits:
International Hotel Manilatown Center
868 Kearny Street @ Jackson Street
San Francisco CA 94108 | 415-399-9580
Gallery hours:1PM - 6PM, Tuesday - Saturday
All events are FREE unless otherwise indicated (donations are always welcome)


    Photography Exhibit
    by James Sobredo
    9/21/13 to 1/25/14

    Gallery hours: 1pm to 6pm Tuesday - Saturday

    Opening reception
    Sep 21st, 3pm-6pm

    Panel Discussion
    Oct 19th, 3-6pm

    Panel Discussion
    Nov 16th, 3-6pm

    Filipino Transnational Migration: Images & Stories from Aklan, Manila & Hong Kong is a photography exhibit by James Sobredo, a professor of Ethnic Studies at California State University, Sacramento. This exhibit presents photographs & stories of Filipinos living in Aklan, Manila and Hong Kong. Sobredo's photographs & graphics art work have been published in The New York Times, AsianWeek and Filipinas. Filipino Transnational Migration is a documentary photography exhibit that highlights the social and economic context of Filipino global migration.

    Check out James Sobredo at LINK

    For more info: mhf@manilatown.org, Facebook: Manilatown Heritage Foundation


    I-Hotel Tours
    Discover the mystery of San Francisco's forgotten neighborhood, Manilatown. Witness the merging of time, the past to the present history of San Francisco's International Hotel. Visit a Filipino arts and culture center in San Francisco. Share in the history of San Francisco's "rich" history.

    Manilatown Heritage Foundation offers tours for K-12 students, college, adults, and everyone. Bring your class, student group, organization, club and friends to experience the complex history of Manilatown and the International Hotel. $5 donation per person.

    Drop-in tours now offered:
    Every Friday, 3pm*

    Schedule a tour today! How? Contact mhf@manilatown.org for more information on scheduling your visit.

Community Events:

    Our Calendar:
    Join us at our monthly community programs that focus on arts and culture, history, and social and economic justice. We have community forums, panel discussions, art exhibits, book launches, film screenings, and more. Our annual programs:
    1. I-Hotel Eviction Commemoration: an event to remember the people and the struggle to save the International Hotel. For more info: LINK
    2. Komiks Expo: a dedication to emerging and established artists in comic book, cartoon, and graphic novel media. For more info: LINK
    3. LaborFest: remembering the struggle of labor, unions, and people in history from from farm workers to veteranos.

    Check out our upcoming events and keep up with what we've been doing on our facebook page and on our electronic newsletter. Sign up today!

    Markerless Motion Capture
    Workshop: Animation. Learn the process of motion capture, no sensor suit required! Easier 3D Character Animation.
    - Capture
    - Track
    - Tweak
    - Export

    Schedule: https://www.facebook.com/MmcWorkshop
    contact: mmc@juliuscs.com

    Mahjong Madness
    Beginner mahjong lessons for all ages. Learn the basics, have fun, compete with friendly people and participate in the upcoming mahjong tournament.

    Next session: TBD


    Senior Legal Clinics
    Free legal clinics for seniors (60 or above), Do you have legal questions? Consultation and referrals provided on housing, public benefits, immigration, and other issues related to seniors. Every 1st Thursday of every month from 10am to 12pm. No appointment needed. Just walk-in and sign up at the I-Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA 94108.

    Clinics are provided by Manilatown Heritage Foundation and the Asian Law Caucus.

    For more information, call 415-896-1701.

Community Heroes:

    Cover artDVD Available now!
    A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro
    Documentary by RJ Lozada

    Labor and community activist, Bill Sorro, tirelessly dedicated his life to achieving social and economic justice for tradtionally underrepresented communities. His passion, humor, humility inspired people of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life. A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro is an assemblage of interviews, photos, home videos, journal entries, poetry. The film is an attempt for the Manilatown Heritage Foundation to begin the process of documenting this generation's manongs and manangs, their lives are road maps for generations to follow and journey with. This film is by no means a definitive narrative on Bill. Much like Bill's life this film is usassuming, humble, and even uncomplainingly strained in its production, its exposition, and its presentation. Yet, it dances. What the film intends to do, and much like Bill, is leave you with a sentiment - that as bleak and dark as this world may seem, sometimes all people need in this world, and life, is to give a little love.

    I think Bill epitomizes the Che Guevera statement, "At the risk of sounding ridiculous, a revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love." He's really like that-you always feel the love for him, regardless of what he's doing, what's happening to him. -Estella Habal, Professor at San Jose State University

    From the days of the International Hotel to the days of Mission SRO Collaborative, an innovative program, which Bill helped start and continues to this day, Bill has taken to heart the politics and the struggle for real liberation of folks who are forced to live in the last stock of affordable housing that's available to people.
    -Eric Quezada, Executive Director of Dolores Street Community Services.

    Available now! $20. Please e-mail mhf@manilatown.org.

Manilatown Heritage Foundation art programs are supported in part by the following funders:

I-Hotel Manilatown Center | 868 Kearny Street • San Francisco CA 94108 • 415-399-9580
  April 6, 2013