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About Us


  • International Hotel Manilatown Center:
    A fluid, flexible environment for gathering, remembering, and interacting. Activities will range from exhibits, performances, and film showings to classes and informal encounters where community members can share stories, teach and learn.
  • Legacy Wall:
    Made from bricks from the foundation of the original International Hotel, this art installation will honor the people who helped build the Center and acknowledge their generous contributions.
  • I-Hotel Art:
    Window glass depicting the family of the historic I-Hotel tenants will be installed on twelve floors of the new housing development. Each window will be a chapter in visual narrative of day-to-day events, militancy, celebration, and the eviction.
  • Housing Access:
    Manilatown Housing Program assists Filipino/Filipino-Americans in accessing decent and affordable housing in the Bay Area. MHF strives to ensure equitable access to housing for the Filipino Community by collecting and managing information about our community and the current available housing.
  • Manilatown Archival Project:
    We collect, digitize and make accessible histories of San Francisco's Manilatown and the International Hotel. This website is a sneak peek to digitized archival material we have available at our center for public use. For more info contact us at mhf@manilatown.org.
  • Volunteers:
    I-Hotel Manilatown Center is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out in array of different activities. In the events section, volunteers are needed to help out in setting up and working for events. This includes setting up and working audio/video equipment (mixer, speakers, wires, mics, projector, and DVD player) and food.
  • A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro
    A history project, which included a multi-media gallery exhibit curated by Nancy Hom, documentary film by RJ Lozada, and a website (billsorro.manilatown.org) by Robynn Takayama, honors the life of Bill Sorro. It traces Bill’s life from the time his father was arrested and jailed for miscegenation, through his early life in the Fillmore District, to his legacy as as a housing and community advocate. Funded in part by California Council for the Humanities, MHF, and individual donors.
  • Inspiration of Al Robles Born and raised in San Francisco’s Fillmore district, Al Robles brings generations of Filipinos together through poetry and “talk story” oral history presentations. Known affectionately as the poet laureate of the Filipino community, Al has frequently read with Janice Mirikitani, Genny Lim, Jack Hirschman and other great poets. Learn more about the Inspiration of Al Robles.
I-Hotel Manilatown Center | 868 Kearny Street • San Francisco CA 94108 • 415-399-9580
  Updated: February 28, 2008