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Sponsor: Sorro Family




THEME: Family of Tenants: Life in the I-Hotel

CONCEPT: Windows depicting the Manilatown "family" and how lives were enmeshed with the I-Hotel. The glass panels will be installed facing the elevator landing on twelve floors of the New International Hotel Senior Housing development. Beginning on the lower floors to the top, each window will be a chapter in visual narrative of day-to-day events, militancy, celebration, and the eviction.

IMAGES: Gathered from various photographic resources.

TEXT: Historic, biographic and poetic text will compliment each image.

MEDIUM: Twenty-four custom etched glass panels, approximately 2.5 X 3 feet

FUNDING: Funded in part by the IH Senior Housing Inc., the San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grant, and our generous MHF supporters.

Designs by: Gloria G. Galang

Project of the Manilatown Heritage Foundation