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International Hotel Manilatown Center

1st Annual Membership Drive:

The International Hotel Manilatown Center is Your Community Center

It's a gathering place where you, your friends, family, and colleagues can explore history, culture and current issues that are not widely discussed in the mainstream media or public institutions. It’s a place for engaging in inter-generational conversations. Our elders want to share their stories and teach positive cultural values about respect and community. Young adults want to learn from their elders. Our programs and events are the settings for these exchanges through talk-stories, poetry readings, spoken word, theater and music performances. Recent exhibits like – In a By-Gone Era, B*longing, Tattoo, Komiks, Dream, That Night, We Won’t Move – encourage dialogue, help develop your own opinions, or delve deeper into your personal journey. And we usually have food. Perhaps you were fortunate to attend an event when we had delicious Filipino food - adobo with hot rice, pancit, mungo beans, tinola (chicken soup) -or hot dogs, nachos, spaghetti, or homemade cookies and cakes.

"Lock Arms in Solidarity – Our Resolve Remains Strong"

Manilatown Heritage Foundation continues to work for the advancement of social and economic justice through our education, arts and cultural programs. Just like the human barricade that surrounded the I-Hotel on eviction night, August 4, 1977, we are calling everyone to Lock Arms in Solidarity to support our programs at the International Hotel Manilatown Center.

The International Hotel Manilatown Center was built with perseverance and resolve to have a living legacy of the I-Hotel anti-eviction struggle to preserve affordable housing for low-income seniors and the historic Manilatown neighborhood. When the new International Hotel was being constructed, people insisted on having a community center.

Again, your support and commitment to keep the Center doors open is needed now. It is crucial that we continue serving our senior residents in the Center. On September 28th a new exhibit called NOMAD curated by the Kearny Street Workshop opens. On October 12 & 13 we are hosting the FACINE film festival. In December we will make parol lanterns for the annual Parol Festival of Lights. Our education committee is getting ready to launch a new creative Filipino language and culture program. Community support is so crucial to do all of these wonderful activities.

Long Live the I-Hotel!

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I-Hotel Manilatown Center | 868 Kearny St. • San Francisco CA 94108 • 415-399-9580
  September 20, 2012