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MHF Appoints New Executive Director


Furutani Fires Up Crowd at Manilatown Dinner. AsianWeek October 10, 2008

Poet Al Robles honored in New International Hotel Exhibit. AsianWeek July 30, 2008

Jazz Pianist/Vocalist, Rudy B. Tenio passes: December 10, 2007. Stockton Record 12/12/07

Mourning the passing of Bill Sorro: August 13, 1939—August 27, 2007

Estella Habal's 'San Francisco's International Hotel'. SF Chronicle, August 19, 2007

I-Hotel Eviction Fight: 30 Years Later. AsianWeek, Aug 10, 2007

Commemoration of the Closing of I-Hotel & the Life and Work of Bill Sorro. Left In SF, Aug 4, 2007

I-Hotel, 30 years later - Manilatown legacy honored. SF Chronicle, Aug 4, 2007

30th anniversary of the I-Hotel Eviction. SF Examiner, Aug 2, 2007

Anniversary of the I-Hotel remembered. Philippine News, Aug 1, 2007

A Community Rebuilt: The New I-Hotel is a Monument to Manilatown. FHLB San Francisco, Dec 2006

Raising the Sprits of the I-Hotel. 6 parts, Class Project, Barangay Sexto, Nov 2006

A new day for the "I" and me. SF Chronicle, Aug 7, 2006

The I-Hotel lives again. PhilippineNews.com, Rodel Rodis, Aug 31, 2005

Historic hotel rises from the rubble. Erin Pangilinan, PhilippineNews.com. Aug 31, 2005

I-Hotel returns. Cicero A. Estrella, Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle. Saturday, August 27, 2005. Listen/download audio | 7:26 min : 6.25 MB

Senior housing and Filipino center opens in San Francisco. Jessie Mangaliman, San Jose Mercury News, Aug 26, 2005

Razed in '70s, key Filipino center reborn. L.A. Chung, San Jose Mercury News, Aug 24, 2005

The rise of the I-Hotel. Lisa Wong Macabasco and Cherry G. Ordonez, AsianWeek, Aug 19, 2005

I Hotel reborn (PDF). Erin Pangalinan, Philippine News. August 17-23, 2005

Hopeful end to long S.F. development battle New International Hotel will house 104 poor seniors. Herbert A Sample, The Sacramento Bee. San Francisco Bureau. July 29, 2005

Seniors reclaim 'I Hotel' in S.F. after '77 eviction. Justin M. Norton, Associated Press. July 29, 2005

Chinatown's International Hotel Reopens. San Francisco (KRON). Posted July 28, 2005 at 7:55 p.m.

Return of the 'I-Hotel'
Chronicle Editorial. Wednesday, July 27, 2005

International Hotel resurrected
Emily Fancher. Examiner Staff Writer. Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The I-Hotel rises again: Nearly 26 years later, rebuilt digs offer seniors rooms with a view
Cicero A. Estrella. Chronicle Staff Writer. Friday, July 22, 2005

Monument to Filipinos' legacy rises in San Francisco
Bobby Caina Calvan. Boston Globe. July 7, 2005

Filipino Center Gains Traction
Jessie Mangaliman. San Jose Mercury News. May 21, 2005, Page 1A,

Hopes for the City
Kathleen Sullivan and Carolyn Jones. San Francisco Chronicle. Dec 31, 2004

A Legacy Reborn: The Fall and Rise of the I-Hotel
Chow, May. Asian Week, August 5 - 11, 2004

'Manilatown' Will Rise Again
Cicero A. Estrella, SF Chronicle, July 28, 2004

Filipino Americans Collaborate to Build Community Center
Asian Week, Jan 22, 2003

Bitter Legacy of 1977 is Eased
John Glionna, Los Angeles Times, Aug 4 2002

Week of Events to Commemorate I-Hotel Evictions 25 yrs later
Andrew Chow, Asian Week, Aug 7, 2002

Former Site of Historic San Francisco Hotel Rises Again
L.A. Chung, San Jose Mercury News, Aug 6, 2002

Bitter legacy of 1977 is eased. LA Times, Aug 4, 2002

Rising from the Rubble: Original Bricks from Raszed Hotel Link to Chinatown
Ray Delgado, San Francisco Chronicle, July 24, 2002

Manilatown to Rise in San Francisco
Filipino Reporter, Sep 13, 2001

Resurrection of the I-Hotel
Neela Banerjee, Asian Week, June 13, 2001

Resurrection of I-Hotel site. SF Chronicle, Aug 1, 1997

Press Release 8/2005
Letter from Mayor Willie Brown, 1/2004
Statement from MHF President, Emil De Guzman, July 2003

  • August 4th, 2007

    Sugar Pie DeSanto performing at the 30th Anniversary of the I-Hotel Eviction Commemoration. Photo: Bob Hsiang

  • Rise of the I-Hotel
    A video of stories was broadcast on the educational access channel of the City College of San Francisco in 2005. It is available at the International Hotel Manilatown Center is also available to schools, colleges and at the San Francisco Public Library. Project Director Caroline Cabading. Funded in part by the California Council for the Humanities, as part of the California Stories: California Documentary Project

  • August 26, 2005 - International Hotel
    Grand Opening Celebration

    San Francisco CA
    Bob Hsiang Photography

I-Hotel circa 1977. Photo: Chris Huie

Artists rendering: New International Hotel Senior Housing. Courtesy Chong Partners Architecture

Claudio Domingo, Luisa Dela Cruz, Anacleto Muñoz fellow tenants enjoying the I-Hotel community gardens. I-Hotel roof garden circa 1976.
Photo: Chris Huie

August 4, 1977, San Francisco. Police and protestors clash. Photo: Chris Huie

MHF Board. Photo: Harvey Dong

I-Hotel Riot - 1977 Chunkmoonhunter Productions, Internet Archive

                              More pictures in the Manilatown Flickr Photo Album

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