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  • The International Hotel Manilatown Center is a fluid, flexible environment for gathering, remembering, and interacting. The design of the space utilizes a system of furniture, walls and components that are mobile and can be configured in a variety of ways, tailored to the activities of the Center. Activities range from exhibits, performances, and film showings to classes and informal encounters where community members share stories, teach and learn.
The International Hotel Manilatown Center Multi-use Area
Multi-use Space
Education/Workshop Space
Education/Workshop Space
Exhibit Space
Exhibit Space
Performance Space
Performance Space

Architectural design services:
Greg Roja & Associates International
Interior space design:
Gordon Chun Design
953 Mission Street, Ste. 30 • San Francisco CA 94103 • 415-777-1130 fax 415-399-9581
  Updated: May 16, 2005