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The Wandering Manongs

Just Before Waking - Jaime Jacinto
Rivers and mountains 
Streams and trees 
Coconuts and bamboo 
Carabaos and mangoes 
Kept alive in their minds 
Old tribal ways never disappeared 
The manongs and carabaos lived 
On just enough rice and fish 
Friends from all over 
Gathered altogether 
In the Manilatown rain 
In Stockton and Watsonville 
What were they celebrating 
Old worn out brown bodies 
Old mountain-forests tales and stories 
Old rituals and prayers 
The carabaos scooped up poems 
Rise up like wild kugon grass 
Let the wobbly-unwobbling spirits dance 
To the International Hotel 
Sad tales fill our hearts 
In a river of tears 
All the manongs have gone ahead 
Only the carabaos and poets know
Poems on rocks

 .....seeds sown by our elder brothers...
     the manongs
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